"Girl Riding a Tortoise" - Transparent Window Art
"Girl Riding a Tortoise" - Transparent Window Art

"Girl Riding a Tortoise" - Transparent Window Art

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Images that capture the beauty of West Vancouver~! 

For those that used to live in West Van it captures the memories of home. For those who still live there, but have family that have moved away, it's makes a great gift, a way for them to connect with that feeling of home and the community.

These works of art can be displayed on any window whether as a small 5" x 5" image on a sliding glass door or up to a 36" x 48" image on a living room, kitchen, a child's bedroom window, a shower door or frosted window... Or that window that looks out on something unappealing like a neighbouring apartment or house.

Their beauty is reminiscent of stained glass where the outside sunlight shines through them bringing them to life... and brings the colours of West Vancouver into your home~!

Create a connection with Window Art reflecting nature and West Vancouver.

All you have to do is put a soapy layer of water on the inside window, peel off the backing and apply. They require no maintenance, are easy to reposition and won't leave streaks or smudges behind.

Window Art has a white or opaque background that helps with visibility.  Looking from outside into the back of the image, you will see primarily the white backing and a faint image.