Sheltering in doors...

Many people are getting a bit squirrelly about being indoors for so long... They long to get out. What's great about my images is that they are a great way to connect with your favourite places in West Van, Vancouver or Steveston. 

I think that my Window Art or prints are the most visual way to do it, but you'd be surprised what a mug with John Lawson Park on it or a t-shirt can do to just bring you to that memory. 

I've got a 12" x 12" image of the Girl Riding a Tortoise from Dundarave Beach on my dining room window and it brings me b every time. That's what's in these photos. But of course I could have Window Art as large as 36" x 48" so imagine what you could do with them~! 

And, what's great about it is that with these sunny days, the image really pops with the sunlight shining through it~! 


Remember, if you see an image you like, but it's not on a product you want, I can always custom make it for you... so, almost all of my images can work on Window Art. 


These are a cling vinyl type of product. It will last a couple of years. If you want a somewhat more permanent product that would last longer, let me know and I can custom make it. It's more adhesive as opposed to one that "clings" to the glass. It can still be removed though... 

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