Harmony Arts and new developments...

Harmony Arts was great again this year~!

I saw several bands that I really enjoyed. Gary Comeau and the VooDoo All-Stars were good. The Kwerks, yes! Best Night Ever were energy packed. I didn't get a chance to see Nearly Neil, and my parents usually like to see him, but not at the later hour. The good news is that they could hear the concert from their apartment. 

I had several people ask about my t-shirts since I wore my white short sleeved "Dundarave" t-shirt and my white short sleeved, "West Van Streets - Dundarave." I made a new version of "West Van Streets" with pink lettering and the street names centred as opposed to on the left after chatting with a nice woman who used to live on Rosebery and was interested in ordering a shirt. 

It's a good example of how I can custom design a shirt to suit your needs. 

The West Van Streets shirt is an interesting one. I grew up in Dundarave and so the list of alphabetical streets is different than in Ambleside. Many of the streets end as you move West. So, understandably people would point out either which street they grew up on, or on my "West Van Streets - Dundarave"  shirt, they might point out what seemed like a missing street... but of course, Fulton ends at 21st. So, my Dundarave shirt has a shorter list of streets and my "West Van Streets - Ambleside" has more streets listed. It made for several great conversations.

I had one person ask, "how come you have a shirt with street names?" but I find that people who don't live in West Van any more are nostalgic for things like street names. I had lots of people point out which street they lived on or who wanted a shirt for a parent who perhaps has moved away from West Van.

Of course, as I mentioned to several people, you could have a shirt customized with a personal statement, like "my street" next your street or whatever words would fit … or change the font or colour of the font.

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